Raz Fresco “Cake Remix” Audio Download
(Prod. By Young Los)

Raz Fresco is a huge Max B fan so its only right that he pay homage to the wavy one with this joint. Wrote some dope shit to that “Cake Remix” last night and decided to drop it cuz ΒΛΚΞΓ$CLUΒ niggas can do dat. Its one of my favourite joints off PD6, the hook is some of the waviest shit ever. Peace and Love to Max B doe.



“new jays, old jays, murder muder on the

beat young oj, its raz f the roleplay

number 4 jays cement rock like cold play uh

im trying hit the skins like o’lay okay

im justa young nigga with a dream vision

bakers club dream team cream vintage hat twisted

to the back rosa parks drown em in that flow like its

noahs ark, she hot but raz got a frozen heart

for them hoes and them hoe ass niggas too

you signed? you famous? you touring? dis aint no interview

little dude but i bet i be king to you

dissing who? me, dats pointless like the grid removed

i do my thing i been doing it, you miniscule

i be in the school you b gettin schooled its different dude

ima different dude i study the

game, watched how the real niggas moves  ima

young pimp, young boss, young legend stunt hard

away from the centre, avoiding them jump offs

i grind cuz i know i aint trying get no punk job

i kick these fucking raps til my ankle bone come off

man im just dreaming i got so much

drive i skip the letter e and every time i

see you i get this feeling like damn

you know im bout to floss on that ass came through

grape 5s sippin grape juice use to have a

flatop with the fade too game like

black ops bitch ill play you

no capture the flag just video capture on the cam

bumpin purple haze killa cam

chilling with my self or im with my fam

my jordans laced up fresco baked up

getting caked up steez a plus yes

on my grind till im dead til im gone shit

middle finger to a hater eat a long dick”




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