Music Video: Raz Fresco “Cakey” (Dir By Yeah Films)

Raz Fresco has finally let loose material from his highly anticipated entirely self-produced CakeyPocket$ mixtape via CAKEY, the first release off the project. Evolution in Raz’s artistry is evident and the video, which was shot by Yeah Films in Toronto visually reflects the same thing. The hard drum and bass beat and rhyme delivery is reminiscent of the mid-90′s, a sound foreign to many youth Raz’s age nowadays. But its clear and natural infusion with modern hip-hop culture makes for a very dope record. CP$ is no doubt Raz’s best work to date and it is being aimed for a release in late April. The mixtape cover can be seen at the very end of the video. A link to watch is available below.

Raz Fresco
Prod. By Raz Fresco

Twitter | @RazFresco




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