Review: Raz Fresco “CP$” Mixtape


Courtney Hendricks;

“Young ass nigga but they know I’m the man though.”

Raz Fresco definitely takes it up a notch and shows Toronto his limitless potential on his most
recent project CAKEY POCKET$.

I was first introduced to Raz Fresco’s music through my good friend Kevon (better known to
you guys as The Sixth Letter) at the time Raz had just dropped Laced Up. The first thing that
intrigued me about Raz Fresco was his distinctive flow and clever wordplay. I was even more
surprised to later find out that Raz was only 15 at the time of the recording. The same young
man who rhymed about dodging opportunist women and being strictly about his grind wasn’t
even legal to drink yet. Needless to say – I was very impressed with what I heard and I have
been addicted since.

On CAKEY POCKET$ Raz Fresco fully lays out his talent and full potential. The entire project was
produced entirely by him with assistance on features solely from other Bakers Club members.
Opening track ‘Bakers Psalm” is what Drake’s ‘Over My Dead Body’ should have sounded like.
As the track plays out, Raz outlines his plans to make it big, and the fact that there is nobody
else his age is in his lane. As the tape continues to play out Raz gives his audience an idea
of what his year has been like. You can hear growth in his voice as well as the same clever
wordplay that has always stood out to me. At 17 years old Raz has already found his flow.
Unlike many rappers who are using Youtube as well as the social networking scene to build
their buzz. It is clear that Raz has actually been passionately rapping for a long time now. He
has no issue holding his own on the same smooth beats you hear artists like Dom Kennedy and
Curren$y go in over. It is clear that the Bakers Club have done quite the job at bringing feel
good 90’s inspired rap music back to the fore front.

It is also evident that this project was more marijuana inspired than anything else Raz has
released to date. Tracks like “T Dot Piffery” and “12 Am Blunt Smoke” establish Raz as more
than just a kid who smokes weed because it’s cool. Raz has plans in store for his family and
simply uses marijuana to stimulate his mind.

You literally have to continuously remind yourself that you’re listening to a 17 year old
throughout playback. Raz’ message is clear throughout each song he goes in over. He wants
the fame and notoriety for his team, everything else that comes with it is secondary. This 18
track project gives you an idea of where Raz has came in the last year. Absolutely nothing has
changed about his grind. Raz Fresco will not stop until his hard work becomes fruitful for him

and The Bakers Club.

So I guess you can say he is on his J. Cole at the age of Diggy Simmons. No pun intended.



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