Cypher: The 6th Letter & Raz Fresco Feature in Stylus DJ Awards “Cityonmyback” Cypher

 Stylus DJ Awards – Cityonmyback Cypher (Sese, Jelly Too Fly, Raheem, Raz Fresco)

Stylus DJ Awards – Cityonmyback Cypher (Shi Wisdom, Blake Carrington, Devon Tracy, The 6th Letter)

This weekend was the annual DJ Stylus Awards in Toronto and to honour the event CityOnMyBack gathered together some of the cities hottest artist and shot a couple of cyphers. Amongst the list of rappers involved were ΒΛΚΞΓ$CLUΒ’s The 6th Letter and Raz Fresco who have been making a lot of noise in the city and abroad. Safe to say they held it down for the club as usual. Peep both cypher’s below. NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik will be available this summer and CakeyPocket$ is available for download in the MIXTAPES section of the blog.



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