Mixtape: ChillxWill “ALMIGHTY (LP)”



ChillxWill unleashes his third solo release the “ALMIGHTY LP” today. Almighty comes on the heels of his Cold Chillin 2 mixtape (2011) and The Popcorn Tape & No Hookz w/ Raz Fresco (2012). Chill has undergone much growth as an artist and is definitely honing his style. The original tracklisting for this project was much shorter but it was decided halfway through the tapes completion for it to be lengthened to an LP. Production comes in all shapes and sizes on this project with the likes of Figub Brazlevic, Raz Fresco and more. Check out the video for the first single below and download the new project from the link above.

1. Tape Deck
2. Warning
3. Home Grown
4. Cents Dae Wun
5. Nickel Plated
6. Pickin’ Pockets (feat. P Blackk)
7. F.A.N.z (feat. The 6th Letter)
8. 1-800-Fuck-Outtahere
10. 911 (feat. BriskInTheHouse)
11. Warning (MPadrum$ Remix)
12. The End….
13. BONUS: Chill Grimey (feat. Raz Fresco)
14. BONUS: Dead Fish
15. BONUS: Ice Water Metallic

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 12.57.26 PM


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