Audio: ChillxWill “Gore-Tex” + Interview

ChillxWill decides to releases “Gore-Tex” today for the support he has been receiving for his recently released “ALMIGHTY LP”. Check it out above!

INTERVIEW w/ B of Chopped Herring Records:

Where did you grow up man?

The Pacific Northwest! Home of the Gore-Tex North Face. Haha, more specifically Tacoma, Washington my hometown. Which I self named “Nickel Plated” city, reason being when I was growing up a lot of my close friends’ first burners were nickel plated 9mms. Putting things into perspective, I’m 22 now, this was around 2003/2004, G-Unit was heavy back then for my age group, growing up you either wanted to be like 50 (Cent) or Cam’ron. Word lol.

Your first experience of hip hop culture?

I was always exposed to hip-hop growing up, my pop’s used to do graffiti and was a b-boy in his heydey, and my mother emceed for a while. She never put out any records, but emceed in her youth. Hip-Hop/RnB/Neo-Soul, all of that would get played in my household often growing up. Sunday was Neo-Soul day..
My first experience with hip hop culture personally was around the age of 4 or 5, 1996/1997. My brother and I got a Talkboy for Christmas, and I used to use it to make Radio Shows. I’d imitate what I would hear on the radio, and mix it in with songs I messed with. Using the Talkboy to record raps never came to mind, but looking back it just goes to show how connected to music I’ve always been.

Was it music first or graf?

I feel like I was put on to music and graffiti at the same time, however I didn’t see those two as being apart of the same culture until I grew older. A lot of the graffiti I would see throughout my neighborhood would be handstyles and turf tags. That was the scene. I remember going to the East Coast for the first time, and just being amazed yo’. It put everything into perspective. Seeing rappers depicted in art, and just the colors used, it really put hip-hop as a culture into perspective for me. It let me see Hip-Hop as something more than just the music.

Are you more of a tagger or do you mostly do pieces? Trains? [you dont have to answer any of this ish btw!!]

Haha, I tag. I got a different tag name from my artist name, so I can reveal that. It’s not hot out here yet lol.. I’ve been into handstyles a lot lately, like that’s my niche. It’s ill to see the graf scene staying present over the years.

When did you first grab a mic?

Around age 11, that’s when I started taking rap seriously. I spit for my older brother and some friends for the first time, and they told me I was nice. It gave me the push I needed to take music seriously.

Did you have cats around you into the same stuff coming up?

Yeah. Everyone was, really. My generation caught the whole extravagant “From Rags to Riches” Rapper-lifestyle period. Only a few rappers making music during that time really held substance, the rest just made radio records. Whatever sold, those were the records you’d hear. My friends and I would head to the crib to watch Rap City: The Basement, and see these rappers with new sneakers, ill clothes, mad jewelry, Hummers lol, all that shit and we’d just watch in envy.
It only makes sense that those kids grew to be adults/teens pursuing rapping careers. We look back at our Role Models during those times, and how they turned out to be today, and think like, “yo’ if I was in the position they were in back then, today, I’d make sure I’d never go broke.” So now, you have every 18-26 year old anxiously trying to get to the top.

When did you first RECORD your lyrics?

13. Me and some close friends did a posse record, where we all jumped on an instrumental and just spit. The record was like 7 minutes long haha.

How did you meet your crew?

I linked up with the BKR$CLB in 2010, we shared a lot of the same music ideas. Shit just clicked. Raz (Fresco) nearly produced my entire first EP, “Cold Chillin”, and we’ve been building ever since.

How did you hook up with the cats who produced the tracks on the album?

Networking. I recorded “Pickin’ Pockets” to one of Figub’s (Brazlevic) instrumentals in early-2013, and sent him the record. He liked it, and we continued to work from there. The same with Izm, I think I recorded “Nickel Plated” first and sent it to him? I met Wirez through “G”, an engineer out of NY. Jerome Cobain is Raz Fresco’s brother. M Padrum’s and I linked after I dropped the Music Video for 911.
In all situations it was genuine. Every producer I built with, I did so with the intent of just making ill records, and the feeling was mutual. All those guys are ill, making ALMIGHTY was mad fun. I enjoy the challenge of bringing together similar elements for a project, and trying to make it sound as though it was produced by one entity.

Who influences you?

Kase2, Phase2, and Skeme (Style Wars).

What’s next?

More records, more records, more records. Inshallah I’m in this game for a long time. Just trying to get out there, and contribute to the culture. Give inspiration to the youth growing up the same way emcees and artists of the hip-hop culture did for me growing.



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